“Women’s stories have been neglected for so long—unless they were queens. Exploring the history of women is a way of redressing that imbalance.”

Kate Williams, Historian

I have been attending church since I was five years old.  That’s forty-one years. I have read so many versions of the Bible, from King James to the Orthodox Jewish Bible version, that I’ve lost count. I’ve heard thousands of sermons. Thousands.  Often, unless it was a special women’s event such as a women’s revival, women’s retreat or women’s day Sunday; those sermons were about the men in the bible.

The Women

Only a handful of women in the Bible were rarely preached about in church, with only a few women present in the congregation. Eve for her sin, that ruined it for humankind.  Jobs wife for not being supportive of her husband. Vashti, the Queen, was dethroned for ignoring the command of her husband, the King.  Mary, the mother of Jesus. The woman caught in adultery. You see where this is going.

Overall great messages but out of sixty-six books of the Bible and dozens of women throughout, both named and unnamed, I thought there had to be more to our story. Our story as women, our contribution to Christianity and more relatable.

The Bible

That brings me to The CEB Women’s Bible. I received a copy to review and must advise you not to read it. Yes, the church girl–clergywoman is encouraging individuals NOT to read the bible. The rationale for my recommendation is because I believe The CEB Women’s Bible should be:

  • Sipped like a perfectly steeped cup of tea. You are greeted with an introduction at the beginning of each book in the Bible.  The introduction isn’t typical in that along with providing the historical data it also provides insight on how women represented in that book. There are also tasty reflections about a chapter that are written mostly by women for women.
  • Supt on like an extravagantly prepared five-course meal. As you dig into the books of the Bible, there are hearty portraits of the women in the Bible, painted with words. These paintings show how the writer relates to the woman/women mentioned in that book and how we too may see ourselves. There are meaty nuggets of wisdom throughout the books on various subjects such as time management, starting over, education, etc.
  • Savored like the last bite of a heavenly dessert. Good to the very last bite is an index of every woman in the sixty-six books named and unnamed, an index of articles by subject, full-color maps, and other morsels to enjoy.

The Truth

To only ‘read’ The CEB Women’s Bible is a disserve.  You should enjoy it as the feast for the soul it is.

Bon Appetite!

Lisa (L.T.) Lewis is the CEO & Founder, Kick Boxing Believers, L.L.C., a transformational business that helps individuals kick the limiting fears and beliefs keeping them from living an out-of-the-box life they desire! She is also a ClergyWoman, Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, Personal and Executive Coach. Most recently she is the bestselling author of S.H.I.N.E. AND WIN: 5 Keys to Conquer the Fear of Failure available at Amazon. She also contributes regularly to RevGalBlogPals Blog “The Pastoral is Political” column.

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L.T. Lewis

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